How Has Media Globalized The World?
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As soon as the world-wide communication network of computers, had arrived, it gave birth to a completely new media, where content can be accessed on demand through the so called “internet”. This new media has boosted the communication system of the globe by allowing people to put forward their opinion, views and ideas through blogs, videos, websites, images, articles and other forms of online write-ups and presentations. This progression of content into connection and conversion has tied each individual into one common global community. In other words, the methodologies of new media has globalized the world by overcoming all geographical barriers and limitations.

How Has Media Globalized The World?

How Has Media Globalized The World?

This was something that our ancestors were unaware of. Though it has hardly been a couple of decades that the media has undergone such a transformation, today it is bonding the world in a manner that it is taking the form of a massive network of information, easily available from any corner and to any individual. Even global trade is being benefited from this transition as industries are crossing the traditional political boundaries to spread their business to the next level. More and more international communications are taking place, offering a fresh platform to exchange and enhance commerce. Now it is also possible for marketers to keep themselves updated about stock market only through their mobiles and other forms of smart devices.

The Window powered PC has become a boon to millions as now they can provide voice to their opinions and emotions through the digital media. Unlike earlier times, now media not only has the potent to cross cultural barriers and narrow down disbelieves but also to make life more worthwhile. It has become a common forum for likeminded people to come together and discuss their outlooks. It is also due to the presence of digital or new media that nowadays social movements activists are in a position to propagate their objectives by educating and organizing the common mass from various parts of the globe. Such protesters are being seen making the best use of social media forums to put across their voice.

Currently, even newspapers are no longer limited to its countrymen solely because they are no longer available on sheets of paper. With major influence from contemporary media technology, they have all started becoming a part of the online concept, which has allowed readers from any nation, caste and creed to catch a glimpse of all the activities going around, across the world.

Thus, it can be concluded that media has not only evolved in itself but has started dominating the world from all possible angle. Though televisions and newspaper still continues to exist, this new form of the media is proving more effective in making the world a small sphere with all individuals being attached to one another in one form or the other.

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